List of Figures

Figure 1 Screen Capture of Carrot2 Search Results for “OER Policy” (Weiss & Osiński, 2022)

Figure 2 Screen Capture of Zotero Research Library Default View of Institutional Dedicated OER Policy Items

Figure 3 Screen Capture of the Voyant Tools Default View for the Post-Secondary Institutional Dedicated OER Policy Corpus Initial Output (Sinclair & Rockwell, 2022a)

Figure 4 Trend of the Relative Frequency of Shall and Will in the Dedicated OER Policy Corpus (Sinclair & Rockwell, 2022z)

Figure 5 Relative Frequencies of the Authoritative Terms – Will, Shall, May, Must – in Corpus Documents

Figure 6 Word Cloud of the 50 Most Frequent Terms in the Corpus (Sinclair & Rockwell, 2022c)

Figure 7 Screen Capture of Trends for the Five Most Frequent Corpus Terms (Sinclair & Rockwell, 2022aa)

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