The original research direction was to study the operational level of the open e-publishing of open source e-books. This direction changed to the examination of the overall distance education (DE) system perspective on open e-publishing of open e-books. After reflection on my personal worldview, literature, theory, methodology, and impact for DE, the research viewpoint has shifted to policies that impact open e-publishing for open source e-books.

The confluence is between the policy level of DE and production of open e-publishing of open e-books. The premise is that a policy, which is both specific and flexible, is more useful in actionable outcomes for open e-publishing systems than a general and rigid policy toward open educational resources (OER).

Research questions include:

  1. What policies exist that are related to open e-publishing in Canada ?
  2. Do the policies identified in question 1 indicate open e-publishing and open e-book entities or generalities toward OER ?
  3. Is there a relationship between the policies (identified in questions 1 and 2) and active open e-publishing and open e-books in the institution ?
  4. How can an open e-publishing system policy support open e-books ?
  5. How will we know that a general OER policy is different from a specific open e-publishing policy ?
  6. How strong or weak is the relationship between the relevant policy and the action in open e-publishing ?

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