Moodle MAMP not Poodle

Published December 14, 2008 I once heard my professor express an LMS as “Moodle Poodle”.  Moodle4Mac with MAMP is more like a St.Benard than a poodle.  Moodle4Mac is a self-contained and free LMS solution.  Marry this solution with a Mac Mini and then you have a light weight server that is very compact. Unfortunately Moodle4Mac […]

Why Software Fails

Published December 8, 2008 There was an excellent article published in the latter 1990′s by a popular computer magazine about why software companies fail. I have yet to retrieve this lost article of wisdom but I do remember some essence of how timeless the article was. The common point to software and companies is the […]

Apple Bites

Revised posting of November 22, 2008 I have never come across a MAC user that was disenfranchised with their Apple computer (with the exception of some transitioning PC users). Thankfully MAC users en mass have not demonstrated any concern with Apple’s habit of consistently discontinuing key software that have been the cornerstone of what had […]