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In search of the best MAC software for Skype Interviews
July 6, 2011 – 5:10pm

On the Internet you will come across commercial and free options; both produce the same end product.

The freeware choices include routing utilities that are not needed on MS Windows computers.  Audacity is the tool of choice for production and post production audio.

Thus Skype combined with Audacity + Levelator = podcast

In commercialware, I have found that Call Recorder is my first choice as it is inexpensive, user-friendly, stable, and produces very good output.  The software captures both audio and video making this solution my favourite for Skype interviews.  However, you will still need post production editors such as Audacity, GarageBand, QuickTime Pro 7, or iMovie.

Thus Skype combined with Call Recorder + Levelator = podcast

Here is a screen capture of settings that I consider best for lossless audio capture:

Call Recorder