A vs I

https://landing.athabascau.ca/blog/view/99212/a-vs-i January 30, 2012 – 3:42pm THE RANT ? The propaganda / marketing that made Microsoft what it is today, is NOT different from Apple, except the I in products seems to be showing record profits.  The De Beers pricing does not seem to have slowed down the consumer from I and Mac future waste.  […]


https://landing.athabascau.ca/blog/view/93583/mac-lion-aka-vista December 15, 2011 – 9:54am I will let you decide what VISTA stands for. However, for me VISTA is the Win Millenium of old, but now we have Apple to thank for going retro with another donkey OS in the world – LION. Example 1: Spotlight – a process that you can’t disable but […]

METRO First Impressions

https://landing.athabascau.ca/blog/view/84170/metro-first-impressions October 3, 2011 – 10:30am METRO , Microsofts ‘Windows 8’ or is that ‘Windows 2012’ ? Content management system themes are now being designed for all devices using HTML5 and fluid layout, so why not Operating Systems? In the past, the major issues were cross compatibility for operating systems and web browsers.  Now its […]