Open Source Audio Collection July 13, 2011  3:43pm Firefox Bookmarks – Open-Source-Audio.html Open-Source-Audio Royalty Free Audio Mp3 Music download site and service. Serving free mp3 downlods since 2000. We specialize in Electronic music: Techno, Trance, IDM, House, Electronica – in addition to Rock, Jazz, and pop music. A community of independent artists and fans. An mp3 host […]

“Open-Source” “Open Source” “Sort of Open Source Code” “Open to Pay Code” December 15, 2011 – 9:13am Like the “Green Revolution”, trendy words are only that. Now that “Open Source” is trendy, it is being used in many contexts that are far from “open”. Recently I inquired into the availability of two “Open source” applications.  In the first sitation, the website clearly and boldly stated the […]