Powerpoint to Flash Quick Picks 2008

Originally published December 8, 2008 You have been assigned to produce streaming Internet based slide presentations that can be viewed by all web browsers in any operating system and will be embedded in an LMS. What do you do? … Find a converter. Hence the following quick survey of applications may assist you in getting […]

An invitation to students to LIBERATE your documents

Modified from original published on Athabasca Landing site: https://landing.athabascau.ca/blog/view/75995/an-invitation-to-students-to-liberate-your-documents July 12, 2011 – 4:50pm No one in the world needs to pay for MS Word when you can have a very credible integrated open-source software called “LibreOffice” (http://www.libreoffice.org) for free.  This latest version of the original “StarOffice” begs the question – Why are people still […]