Apple Bites

Revised posting of November 22, 2008

I have never come across a MAC user that was disenfranchised with their Apple computer (with the exception of some transitioning PC users). Thankfully MAC users en mass have not demonstrated any concern with Apple’s habit of consistently discontinuing key software that have been the cornerstone of what had made MAC a great microcomputer. Filemaker, Hypercard, and AppleWorks to name a few, have provided mission critical tools, that even now I have found no equivalent.

Fortunately Filemaker was allowed to live outside Apple, and hence has survived. It is sad that HyperCard and AppleWorks have not been allowed to be open-source as they would have undoubtedly thrived. Given the incredible amount of Hypercard stacks floating around the digital universe, it begs the question why Apple has been so blind to what users want? Apple markets itself as a creative computer, yet kills the very creativity it had developed. There seems to be a paradox building here ….?

AppleWorks (aka ClarisWorks) has been the best microcomputer based integrated office suite that I have ever used with a document centric paradigm. The Microsoft Works product could only dream of having the same fluidity and intuitive interface. Yet sadly, Apple again has stopped AppleWorks in favor of iWorks which is a greatly reduced application in comparison to previously having drawing, painting, database, and a Windows version. The PC and MAC versions provided transparency of files across platforms. In addition the price of AppleWorks was a bargain since it was free with new MAC’s and $79US separately for Windows or MAC (Gerstenbluth, 2000).

Hypercard is and has always been the best microcomputer based visual development tool to create interactive self-contained presentations and/or applications without having to understand coding. I recall this application being a wonderful tool in developing courseware. Sadly, Apple dumped Hypercard like a Newton.

Sometimes Apple just bites!


Gerstenbluth, P. (2000, May 20). Software Review by Paul Gerstenbluth – Appleworks v6.0. (W. B. Web, Producer) Retrieved November 21, 2008, from Rhode Island Apple Group:

Athabasca Landing

July 19, 2011  11:30am


3 Steps to record audio on a MAC

File Format: ODG  (Open Document Graphics)

File Origin: LibreOffice

Athabasca Landing

In search of the best MAC software for Skype Interviews
July 6, 2011 – 5:10pm

On the Internet you will come across commercial and free options; both produce the same end product.

The freeware choices include routing utilities that are not needed on MS Windows computers.  Audacity is the tool of choice for production and post production audio.

Thus Skype combined with Audacity + Levelator = podcast

In commercialware, I have found that Call Recorder is my first choice as it is inexpensive, user-friendly, stable, and produces very good output.  The software captures both audio and video making this solution my favourite for Skype interviews.  However, you will still need post production editors such as Audacity, GarageBand, QuickTime Pro 7, or iMovie.

Thus Skype combined with Call Recorder + Levelator = podcast

Here is a screen capture of settings that I consider best for lossless audio capture:

Call Recorder