Listen and Learn

Your future may be the past you didn’t learn…or so I have been told many times. Listening to those that “have been there and done that” is useful to saving time, not repeating history, and designing a better future. What I am learning is that the modern net student wants to consume and construct information […]

MOOC portable mini

MOOC – Massive Open Online Courses can be run from cloud services, servers, and local hard server (1).  The MOOC software can be complex using a mix of technologies to deliver a web interface. Distance education via the Internet tends to have several common core data attributes: messaging files administration network port Messaging can be […]

Moodle MAMP not Poodle

Published December 14, 2008 I once heard my professor express an LMS as “Moodle Poodle”.  Moodle4Mac with MAMP is more like a St.Benard than a poodle.  Moodle4Mac is a self-contained and free LMS solution.  Marry this solution with a Mac Mini and then you have a light weight server that is very compact. Unfortunately Moodle4Mac […]