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LibreOffice 3.6.x Annoyances
October 12, 2012 – 12:13pm

Annoyance 1

LibreOffice (MAC) default image gallery points to a folder buried in the Application Support Library:


Annoyance 2

No icon in Presentation to Indent.

You have to access this command via:

  • Choose Format – Paragraph – Indents & Spacing tab
  • Choose Format – Styles and Formatting – open context menu of an entry and choose Modify/New – Indents & Spacing tab


Annoyance 3

Application naming is inconsistent from Startup to running individual application:

  • Presentation  > Impress


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LibreOffice 3.6.x
October 12, 2012 – 10:41am


To convert an MS PowerPoint file from MAC Office 2011 (source file created on PC MSOffice) to ODP (Open Document Presentation format).

Trials and Errors

(Calibration check – PC Office 2010 opened the MAC Office 2011 file correctly and vice-a-versa)

  1. Test – ODF addon for MS Office 2010 (PC)Result – Messed up text and graphics

  2. Test – OpenOffice 3.4.1 (MAC)Result – Lines changed from straight to angles, and text boxes overlapped

  3. Test – LibreOffice (MAC)Result – Same document


LibreOffice (MAC) correctly produced an ODP file from a PPTX formatted file.



LibreOffice Website –

OpenOffice Website –

OpenXML/ODF Translator Add-ins for Office –

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Reference Management Software
June 13, 2012 – 2:46pm

There are a plethora of choices for electronic citation applications.  Perhaps the key features that best represent a good referencing application are inherently the same criteria for good software in general, such as:

  1. stability
  2. accessibility (i.e., cross-platform, cross-application)
  3. supported
  4. accurate (generate correct formats)
  5. user-friendly

An application that is very close to meeting the aforementioned criteria is ‘Zotero’.  In addition, Zotero is open-source and free.

There are a few quirks with the Zotero application that are useful to remember, such as:

  • The Firefox version is separate from the stand-alone application (i.e., you would need to export/import collection)
  • ‘Removing’ the selected item does not delete the reference from the library.
  • Adding a PDF link from a webpage may require manual entry of further Info (i.e., ‘Save Link as Zotero item’ results in a PDF with a link)

Zotero is the most versatile citation application that I have found, that is universal, free, and just works.  This app would be my first choice for OS X or Windows.

Reference Links:

    (a good list but not complete – missing Procite, Citation 9)
    (LibreOffice bibliography via database component… similar to MS Office… but free)
    (commercial Citation 9 for Windows)
    (Comparison of EndNote, Reference Manager, ProCite)
    (Personal Bibliography Management Software – a bit dated but interesting to compare with item #1)