In Search of Techno-Sanity …

Save Our Souls is a view on the effects of technology on our lives as endusers and consumers of software and hardware.

3 Pillars of good software:

1. Accessibility – ease of using the software in the process from obtaining it, to producing something from it. Perhaps a total human life cost analysis would be more practical in evaluating this category.

2. Transparency – ability of the software or file to transcend technological evolution. This may include file formats and program environments. In example, a basic html file of text can be viewed on MAC, LINUX, DOS, and WINDOWS operating systems. This category inherently accepts the premise that the more transparent a technology is, the more sustainable it will be.

3. Stability – This category is related to the other two in such a way that the other pillars would not stand without it. Stability of the code, recognition as a standard, and continuing support in the digital environment are critical to sustainability.

Depending on your perspective, the pillars may be stacked on each other with stability being the foundation pillar. The aforementioned categories are general terms that are starting points (or pillars) to a much larger interconnected framework. If any one of these pillars is missing, the software will become useless to endusers and consumers.

3 Pillars of good hardware:

Refer to the categories for software. The same principles of software can be applied to hardware.


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