The focus of this blog is to ponder over computing technologies in distance education. Hopefully some of these reflections may serve humans to overcome the challenges of the wild digital environment.

I has been involved in the digital environment for a very long time and have many scars to prove it.  No matter how much I think I know, the digital jungle will always humble me.  I deeply sympathizes with new and elder users who have to put up with the expanding daily bugs, poor design, vapor ware, digital pollution and predators.

James Lovelock once declared that “humans are sawing off the very branch that supports them”.  One may wonder if humans in a digital environment will suffer the same fate. There are several certainties on this planet beyond birth and death, one being that this digital environment only exists because of electrons, otherwise we would be back to analog audio and visual signals, making smoke signals, or sending off messages in bottles downstream.

This site is dedicated to my wife, family and friends who have helped me to continue thinking and living.