Moodle MAMP not Poodle

Published December 14, 2008

I once heard my professor express an LMS as “Moodle Poodle”.  Moodle4Mac with MAMP is more like a St.Benard than a poodle.  Moodle4Mac is a self-contained and free LMS solution.  Marry this solution with a Mac Mini and then you have a light weight server that is very compact.

Unfortunately Moodle4Mac (Moodle4Mac-Intel-20A.dmg) build by Ralf Krause uses the older version of MAMP (v.1.7.1) rather than the current version 1.7.2.  Therefore, how can one use the current version of MAMP with Moodle4Mac?   One way is to merge the files in Moodle4Mac with a MAMP Pro installation.  The alternative is to install a fresh MAMP Pro and then install a generic Moodle package.

I have chosen to merge Moodle4Mac into a previously installed MAMP PRO setup.

I have found that the following folders and files have to be transferred between Moodle4Mac-Intel-20A.dmg
and MAMP 1.7.2 install folder:

copy folders:

  • MAMP\htdocs
  • MAMP\bin\php4
  • MAMP\bin\php5
  • MAMP\conf\php4
  • MAMP\conf\php5

copy files:

  • MAMP\
  • MAMP\Link to Moodle.weblock

This transfer seems to make the Moodle 2 merge successful. However, it is uncertain if there any other files and/or folders that need to be copied from Moodle4Mac-Intel-20A.dmg to MAMP folder.

In conclusion, the aforementioned merger has been a draft recipe for successfully merging Moodle4Mac-Intel-20A.dmg with MAMP 1.7.2